Bringing fairy tales to life!

Mermaid tail for you – a mermaid tail for those who dream to look like, swim and live like a mermaid.

Pull on the suit, slip your feet into the mono fin and swim! It is simple and fun.

The soft monofin makes it easy to swim mermaid swimming – even for beginners. Just swipe the tail up and down until you find a good rhythm. Move your entire body – especially the hips. Also, try to make pirouettes and somersaults underwater. It is wonderful!

Explore life under the surface and feel like a sea creature on an equal footing with the other fish. Put beautiful movements together to dance shows in the water and make impressive performances. Make funny and beautiful photo series and videos. Make up exciting stories about mermaids and PLAY!

Be inspired by fairy tales, cartoons and television series as The Little Mermaid, H2O – just add water, Macko Mermaids and countless folk fairytales and legends of mermaids.

Mermaid Swimming

Mermaid Swimming is a playing and exercise form that spreads at lightning speed all over the globe. Mermaid Swim Schools are springing up everywhere. Mermaid Birthdays and mermaid workshops are held to the great pleasure of girls and boys around the world. Mermaid Fitness for adults is the new trend in water exercise.

The swipes with the tail strengthens core muscles, which are the basis of a good alignment and a strong and healthy body. And it’s much more fun than lying on the floor and do crunches.

Enjoy your new Mermaid tail for you mermaid tail


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